What Our Customers Are Saying

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I was impressed with the difference in performance straight away.  The engine felt more willing after the reflash and I was nearly a full second quicker than previously at Wakefield Park.  I’m very happy with the outcome – it’s the best value $$ I’ve spent chasing more power!!

Dennis Brady – Production Sports car number 111

The additional 500 RPM of the reflashed ECU was a huge advantage with gearbox flexibility. A few critical track points requiring a change up with an immediate change back down were eliminated leaving more focus to attack my line. The higher shift point drops you straight back into a strong torque band to keep you accelerating hard. Climbing out of the brand new tight and steep Eastern Creek section hard in 2nd gear was a blast. I also grew longer legs down the E.C straight with enough gain to pull several lengths on a (disappointed) fellow racer of which was not the case just last round prior to the flashed ECU.

Many people don’t realise what a sophisticated ECU is delivered in these Mazda’s. Many of my fellow competitors with more seriously developed hardware (quad throttles, big cams and pipes) are surprised with what I am achieving with a seemingly stock engine. Thanks to everyone at Performance Chip Tuning – Scott Wiggins – Improved Production Escort

“The Australian Targa Championship is one of the toughest race series in any calendar. Competing in the same car consecutively, I noticed a change in the car after it was reflashed by Performance Chip Tuning. .

Once reflashed the targaracing.com.au Mazda MX-5 felt much stronger, more responsive and smoother which gave me to confidence to drive the vehicle to its limits and this really got the attention of the other competitors.  This is a fantastic addition to any driver looking to get a competitive edge out of their car.” – Adam Dodd – WEST END MAZDA