Performance Chip Racing

Performance Chip Racing

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Performance Chip Tuning prepares and leases the latest model Mazda 2, NC Mazda MX5 and BMW 130i series race cars for circuit and tarmac rallies. They have all the required safety equipment including 6 point roll cage and are fully CAMS logbooked. We specialise ECU tuning and in remapping the ECU’s for the best power delivery depending on the circuit and conditions. We also provide “arrive and drive” packages so you literally turn up with your helmet and are ready to go!!

We support the following Tarmac Rally events;

  • Targa High Country
  • Targa Wrest Point
  • Targa Tasmania

With a proven history having competed at these events for several years we’ve acheived CLASS and CATEGORY WINS!!. These events are all FULLY SUPPORTED and include access to our logistics co-ordinator who can arrange airfares, accommodation, etc.

In addition, our technical staff will provide remapping for the ECU as per the conditions and event. The influence of a correctly calibrated performance chip can effect the drivability as well as the usability of the power-band.

Our vehicles are available for all CAMS, IRACE and AASA events such as MX5 Cup, State Titles, MX5 Challenge, the Festival of Sporting Cars, MX5 Nationals, etc.

Other events including drivedays, corporate days, supersprints, etc are also available. We can tailor our services to suit your individual requirements so please dont hesitate to call us.

This could be your chance to live your dream so if you are interested in getting out there give us CALL 1300 733 335 or email