LAMS Approved Bikes

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The Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAM) scheme for novice riders originally commenced on 6 September 2002. Learner Motorcycles are either detuned or restricted in order to provide novice riders a safer and controlled riding experience.

In 2009, a national standard for bike laws ‘Approved Motorcycles for Novice Riders’ was introduced. Accordingly, all states with LAM schemes are currently aligning their lists of approved motorcycle.

The LAM scheme allows novice riders to ride moderately powered motorcycles. These motorcycles must be:

  • listed in the publication known as ‘Approved Motorcycles for Novice Riders’ which is the LAMS Approved Bikes For Leaners published on Roads and Maritime Services (replacing Roads and Traffic Authority) website and,
  • have an engine capacity up to and including 660ml and do not exceed a power to weight ratio of 150 kilowatts per tonne.

The following links provide further details on the current requirements for each state and territory;